TAT Builds Confidence Among Tourists with Thailand Traveller Voice Online Platform

Tourism Authority of Thailand, headquarter: 24 December 2020 – Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) launches Thailand Traveller Voice online platform to build confidence among tourists during the New Year holiday in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. TAT has cooperated with partners in the business sector in creating the platform to collect feedbacks from the tourists for developing and building safety standards.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of TAT, revealed that TAT wanted to boost confidence among the tourists in the digital age where the internet is accessible for everyone. TAT would like to take this opportunity to open an online platform, Thailand Traveller Voice, to provide opportunities for tourists to report problems encountered from various tourist sites/service spots online such as hygiene standards received from service providers, safety standards or various services by operators etc. The Thailand Traveller Voice online platform will be the center to receive feedbacks/ problems from tourists and pass on the feedbacks in real time to relevant parties for further process. This is a joint effort to develop the tourism industry and business to meet the needs of tourists and boost their confidence.

Mr. Yuthasak said, “Thailand Traveller Voice platform will help create peace of mind and confidence in traveling. All feedbacks from the tourists will be forwarded directly to the relevant authority. This will helping tour operators to improve their services from the feedbacks received such as maintaining SHA hygiene safety standards that will be directed to the individual responsible for the project under the supervision of the Ministry of Public Health as well as other services that can be forwarded directly to the relevant parties. The comments and feedback submitted by tourists will be processed and summarized into insights that the TAT and all the sectors related to the tourism industry can use in planning and developing strategies that meet the needs of tourists. This will give the tourism industry of Thailand a clear direction for development”.

The TAT Governor added, “TAT would like to invite all tourism business operators to take part in using this platform as the medium to receive feedbacks from tourists. Tourists can access this platform through a variety of channels such as QR Code or website thailandtravellervoice.com. If all tourism business operators implement this platform for data collection, Thailand will have quality big data and be able to analyze and develop from the data while forwarding the information in “White Paper” format to the tourism business operators. The tourism business operators can bring use the information and directions to develop their own business whereas these quality data will help make the business development directions clearer with more services that meet the needs tourists which will bring in more income both to the tourism business operators and the tourism industry of Thailand.

“TAT hopes that Thailand Traveller Voice will be a tool to help tourism operators receive effective data to for the joint development of the tourism industry of Thailand. At the end of this year, during the New Year season, we have a campaign “New Year Thailand Traveller Voice” with a lucky draw for Iphone 12 Pro Max (128 GB), 5 prizes, to be drawn on 15 January 2021.

“TAT would like to thank all our partners for participating in the public relations of the project to help build confidence among tourists. We sincerely hope that Thailand Traveller Voice online platform will help create opportunities and develop the potentials of the tourism industry of Thailand to be able to compete with others.”, said Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn.

For more information, please contact Bodin Lueangtrirat at 097-195-4283 or email: arisara.sing@gmail.com

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