Activity and Prize Conditions
1. Those who are eligible to participate in this activity must submit their feedbacks through the Thailand Traveller Voice platform only.

2. Those who are eligible for lucky draw prizes must fill in the information at the end under in the section “For participating in iPhone 12 PRO MAX (128GB) lucky draw (5 prizes/ 1 person per prize)”. Those who fail to fill in the information in the section will not be eligible for the activity.

3. Only the participants submitting their comments through the platform between 24 December 2020 and 12 January 2021 at 23.59 hours, based on the time displayed on the platform, will be eligible for the prizes.

4. Winners are limited to 1 first name-family name per 1 award only. Any winner receiving any prize already will be ruled out from winning another prize. The same family name only will be considered as the same person and will be eligible for a prize. The name submitted through the platform must match the ID card presented when receiving the prize. If the name does not match, the award committee reserves the right to deny the individual the prize.

5. Winners must be the same persons as in the information submitted through the platform while all the information much match those displayed on ID card.

6. Winners who cannot be contacted within 24 hours from the time the name is drawn shall be considered ineligible to receive the prize and shall not file for any request in retrospect.

7. The winners will be announced on 15 January 2021 no later than 22.00 hours. The award winners will be announced through and Facebook Page: ThailandTravellerVoiceTTV

8. Winners are not allowed to select the color of the award.

9. Winners are not allowed to exchange the prize into cash.

10. Any taxes arise from awarding the prize shall be under the sole responsibility of the winners. The award committee will hand the winners the prizes once all the taxes are settled only.

11. Prizes will be awarded by representatives appointed by the award committee and the recipients must attend the award ceremony (if any) on the date, time and place specified by the award committee. The recipients will be responsible for the travel expenses by themselves.

12. If a recipient is unable to participate in the award ceremony in person. The recipient can authorize a representative to receive the prize in his/ her place. A power of attorney must be presented to the award committee.

13. Upon signing the receipt document, the recipient (or representative) shall be deemed receiving the prize as complete.

14. The company acts only as a medium in organizing the event and awarding the prize. For any issues upon using, the winners must contact the responsible parties by themselves and comply with the conditions of the service providers. The responsibility of the company shall end upon delivering the prizes to the winners and once the winners settle all the taxes required.

15. In case of a dispute, the decision made by the award committee shall be final.

16. Other criteria and conditions shall be as specified by the award committee.

17. We reserve the right to change any prize to an item of equal value as well as change details of the terms and conditions without prior notice.